PDR's join the MMHR in West Virginia

We welcome all DUCKERS to West Virginia this August 17-19th. !
Each each year over the past seven seasons, Sewell Mountain Sailing Association of West Virginia has held the 'Mountain Mama-Hospice Regatta' Over that period, a total nearing $60,000 has been donated by caring companies and individuals to support the good work of Hospice !

We have also offered FREE two day Basics of sailing classes to over 400 folks aging from 9-77 !!

With 34 boats at last year's event, 6 were PDR's ! That number created a fleet and with it, a separate and exciting class.. Viewers love those little boats :)

In 2018 the regatta will be held on Summersville Lake at the Battle Run beach and camp area.

Two ramps, bathrooms, clean and large beach area for the kids, clean waters for swimming and boating along with a full service campground await our visitors and friends.

Fresh food will be available.

Three local camping areas to choose from.

Full service Marina with visitor slips for larger boats.

Plenty of on site parking and security is strong your goodies by SMSA members and the Army Corp members.

We at smsawv hope to increase the numbers of Ducks at this year's regatta.. follow us, register, and stay in the loop at www.smsawv.org

Bob Richards
304 719 1100

This Event Was Organize By:
Bob Richards #1025 (7es 1eo 1ea 6ad 1ar)

Other Duckers Who Attended This Event:
Bob Richards - Sewell #684 "Soapy" (1ea 1ar)
Bob Richards - Sewell #701 "la mia anatra" (1ea 2ar)
Hank McGraw #851 (1ea)
Michal McGraw #863 (1ea)
Daniel Hill #1010 "SV Peden" (1ea)
Tal R Sutton #1011 "Phog Horn" (1ea 1ar)
Bob Richards #1025 (7es 1eo 1ea 6ad 1ar)

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