Video of ECDuck Second Test Sail

Had a great sail today and tested out all of the modifications. Ironically, I was looking forward to light winds with 6mph max but, when I got to the lake, I faced gusts into the 20s! Didn't realize it either until I left the protected cove where the launchramp is. I shot some video from the cockpit.

What worked:
-new rudder and associated controls
-leeboard controls
-leeboard size and sail adjustments got rid of leeway
-roller sail (love it!)

What needs work:
-Splice on the boom broke
-need to raise the boom
-seat (was comfortable but that racheting mechanism is a pain to use).

The boom is galvanized electrical conduit and I can buy a good splice at the store. I also want to add 6" of height to the boom by adding to the part that steps into the deck. Next I need to work on and finish the dodger.

The official name of the ECduck is "ECduck." The handle just fit and hopefully it will mean the duck that completed the everglades challenge. Made David Grey happy as that was his suggestion.

In an effort to "lighten the load" I paid a goodly sum to one of those monitored weight loss centers and am around 14lbs lighter! Goal is to drop 40 lbs total before the start of the EC. That should be the weight of my gear and it will give me more energy. I will start row training after Christmas to work on my endurance.

I am bouncing off the walls over the windward performance I got out of my rig on the lake yesterday. Widening the leeboards helped but what really did it was loosening the leech line. Took me two seconds to do and I felt really dumb for not doing it sooner especially when it caused me to have to accept a tow during the Florida 120.

I was concerned the escape rig wasn't as weatherly as the windsurfer rig but, after this adjustment, I have to say it is as good if not better. This is one of the closest winded puddle ducks I have sailed which is saying a lot based upon my experience at worlds this year. Better than some sloops I have sailed actually! My only problem going to windward will be pounding into chop and there isn't a way around that other than keeping the bow up.

I plan on adding a windvane to the bow of the boat based upon a very good suggestion on the yahoo group. I will calibrate it with a gps for best windward performance and mark on the deck just like the Escape Rumba, boat that my mast and sail came off of, had. I am attaching some close-up pictures of that rig FYI. I will also put the indicator on the boom and mark the deck below that step so I can match up the angle of the wind with the angle of the boom without having to constantly look up.

Finally, I need to measure the LOA on my boat as it won't be 8'. I then need to find out the length of Matt Layden's Sea Flea. Not only might I be the first to finish the EC but I may also do it in the shortest boat!