Side Float Test and Flag Pole Mast

Dear Shorty,

I'm sending you some pics of my PDR 212 (in Alabama) with some building techniques I don't think I have seen on the website. I do know you have some pictures of boats with side air boxes floating on their sides but I decided to send you one of mine too in case it may help to illustrate the design better. I can't think of a safer, more unsinkable design (whoa! iceberg!).

I had a lot of fun building my PDR. I definitely have a new respect for plywood. It is also a great way to introduce kids to basic woodworking. The only problem - there is no wind in Alabama. After being frustrated I looked at a wind map of the US, and sure enough the southeast dosen't have any wind unless you are on the coast. Wish I would have known that *before* I built my sailboat. Ah but I probably would have done it anyhow for the heck of it.

The aluminum flagpole mast worked very well and is broken down into 4 sections, each with a 2 x 2 sealed inside with PL Premium (I love that stuff).

Mast foot made of plastic electrical outlet box Gorilla glued to pine and ply with pvc flagpole pipe

Top of mast - 2 x 2 glued in place with PL Premium

Used bedsheet covered in TB II glue to harden the bottom