Sailing Le Cou Rouge

Here are some photos of Will Taylor's Le Cou Rouge (Red Neck). The little boy was so thrilled to be taken out and allowed to take the tiller that he is gung-ho to take swimming lessons all winter so he is allowed to go out in it alone when he's learnt enough about sailing - and I think his very shy older brother is following suit.

The last photo shows how large the slice of tomato was on my breakfast sandwich. It is what a local man referred to as a 'toast tomato': a tomato which is so big one slice covers a whole slice of toast. I love that term and have adopted it. Much easier to eat a tomato sandwich when there aren't several slices of tomato to slip and slide and push their way out. (The mayo is so yellow because I made it with curry powder and extra turmeric.) The other food expression I love, learnt from an old-timer is: "If you cut a pie in more than 6 slices it tastes too much of knife."