Building Raptor Hull #703 - Part 2

While paint was drying I switched my attention to the rudder and lee board.

To prevent the bolts running through the rudder and lee board from wobbling out the hole, I fiberglassed a piece of pvc into the holes and in the hole through the hull of the boat.

To attach the rudder to the hull I used some aluminum angle iron and fabricated brackets and used some aluminum rod to secure the brackets together

End result of my dagger board & rudder. Notice the small round pieces of dowel I used to attach my rope to the dagger board. the rope is inset into the dowels by drilling a hole through them and making the back part of the hole bigger, so when I pulled the rope through the big side of the hole I folded about 3/4" of rope together and sewed it together and pulled it back through the hole it sticks inside where the hole gets smaller and will not come out. I did this so I would not see a big knot sticking out one end of it. On the rudder, I drilled a hole into the rudder and drilled a pocket to meet the hole so I could tie the rope inside there and will not show when the rudder is in the down position .

Again I sprayed the outer Hull with "Raptor" truck-bed liner. I also cut a round disk out of luann and glued & screwed it to the hull where the dagger board will meet the hull so that the dagger board will not rub against the whole side of the hull. I also cut a disk out of a plastic milk jug to act as a bushing between the hull and dagger board and reduce the friction. Also cut a piece of 2x6, routed a hole in it and shaped it for my upper deck mast stay.

This is my hull after paint and with the dagger board and rudder attached.

The bow sprit I scewed to the deck. Looking back, I wish I had secured it to the deck with lag bolts. I may do that in the future. I also added a decorative bow sprit support.

I made the mast by cutting out the best part of a 2x6 and shaped it down to where it is thiner on top. I made some wood cleats for the mast stay ropes. I used stainless u-bolts to secure the pulleys for the jib and main.

For the sail I studied Dave Gray's website and constructed it out of poly tarp. I copied the design of the sail from the San Francisco Pelican 12'.