Worlds People's Choice Awards

The votes are in and have finally been tallied. Here are the official results of the PDR 2014 Worlds People's Choice Boat Show:

Boat you would most like to sail:
Chevy Duck
Minimalist Boat:
136, 884
Most accessorized Boat:
Chevy Duck
Most Visually Pleasing
100, 287, 880, Chevy Duck
"Ugly Duckling"
Most Likely to Sink:
104, 283, 287, 646, 729, 883, Chevy Duck
Most Seaworthy:
136, 287, 884, 759
Oldest original hull
Newest hull (number)

Congratulations to all who participated!

Note: If multiple hull numbers are listed, the results were tied between all shown.

Eric C.
Hosts of Worlds 2014