Man Overboard Drill


Now that sailing season is upon us, I would like to remind all PD owners to practice a MOB Drill many times. Last weekend, Erik Comstock #759, and I went out on Lake Conroe, Tx. Winds light( 5 - 10 mph) and small waves. After about 2 hrs., the wind picked up to 10 mph and slight chop on lake from motor boats. I did a tack, and while shifting weight to rear port side, a wave hit and boat tipped, and before I knew it, I was going backward off the boat.

Fortunately, I had my life jacket on, and since I have a Jim Michalak, Catbox design, I immediately held on to the side. Although the water was cool, I had on jeans and t-shirt so I was not too cold. I then reached up and grabbed my mast, and then lifted my leg over the air box and rolled into the cockpit. The Catbox design was great to not turn much more than 45 - 60 degrees, and very little water came in the boat.

I then rested awhile, and sailed back to shore, but a little cold due to being soaked and wind chill effect. Needless to say, I had never expected to go over in such light wind and mild chop. But, as Murphy Law says: " if anything can go wrong, it will!"

So my advice is, always wear your life jacket, anticipate the worse, and practice your MOB drill.

Ron Carter
Cap'n Duck #768
Willis, TX