Holey Bars

While the glue on the mast was drying, we did two other things. My holey bars were too far apart for the tiller to clear the deck, so Rebekah cut a scrap of copper pipe as a pintle-raiser and put it in place. I need to drill a tiny hole in it and make some sort of line to tie it to the boat in case the rudder unships in deep water. I cannot move the holey bars closer as there is no brace inside higher up...next time I'll understand the design better. And perhaps I'll rebuild this rudder over the winter...perhaps.

Meanwhile, I cut off the lever of the leeboard because it extended above the cuddy and stressed the tarp as well as making it harder to adjust the tarp so rain wouldn't puddle over the cockpit and dump a flood into the cockpit when too much rain accumulated there. If need be, I'll attach a line to pull it down with, but my hands fit comfortably between the boat and the lever.

Removing excess on leeboard lever (so it doesn't poke holes in rain cover.

Removing excess; done.

Removing excess; rounding edges with file.