2006 World PDRacer Sailboat Championship Race - Course

Race Course
We will be racing counterclockwise around 2 bouys in a windward / leeward setup with a beach start. The World Championship Race will be 3 laps, with the finish line as indicated. We will try to place the bouy at a distance to provide for 10 minute laps, so the total race time should be around 30 minutes for the winner.

The wind usually blows from the South, the drawings to the right are reflecting this. If the wind is blowing from a different direction, the bouys will be adjusted so they orient into the wind properly.

Starting Positions
Skippers shall be placed 8' apart, and the skipper shall be standing in the water, at the edge of the beach. The beach drops off very quickly there, so there is a limited space where one can stand. The starting positions shall be determined by drawing numbered popsicle sticks. When the start signal is given, the skippers may then shove off and start the first lap of the race. You may have additional crew hold the boat in place, but only the skipper is allowed to push the boat. (this is to prevent a helper from using a 20' pole to shove a boat).

Reasoning For a Beach Start
In normal sailboat racing, the starting line dance is very complicated with the right of way rules and often generates protests and bad feelings amongst competitors. We also wanted to keep our starting and finishing line as close to the beach as possible, so the spectators can have a good view of the competitors.

Starting Signals
10 minute warning - 4 whistle blows
3 minute warning - 3 whistle blows
1 minute warning - 2 whistle blows
start - 1 long whistle blow
If someone had a cannon or a starting gun, we could use that in addition to the long whistle blow.

Finish Line
The finish line is between the observer(s) and the bouy. The observer(s) may on shore if possible, or in a boat in the water. They will be identified before the race so everyone clearly knows what the line is. As each racer crosses the finish line, a whistle will be blown.

Everyone is required to wear a PFD, and have a whistle attached to it, and all boats must have emergency floatation and be able to self rescue themselves. If you capsize and/or need help, we hope to have a support boat available to come to your aid.

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