Primitive Hole Boring Tool (crude gimlet and prison shank)

Puddle duckers often sail far and wide away from the launch point, and sometimes we break stuff. Being able to drill or bore a hole in a stick or piece of plywood sure does make it easier to improvise a fix. A hand drill is kinda impractical to carry because it will rust up between uses, and multi-tools don't have the best hole boring tools on them.

This is an experiment to see if I can make a tool that will be easier to create holes through wood. I welded a screw to the end of a screw driver to make a crude gimlet, and made something that looks like a prison shank as boring tool. Using together to bore holes in wood.

If you watch in the video, I almost stab myself in the finger, so probably not a good idea to hold the wood in your hand while boring the holes. Also if you notice, the screw driver does a great job by itself and I think I am going to make 2 new ones, the first with a small screw, and the second with a larger screw so I can skip the prison shank. Will update this page when try next version...