Construction of the 'Son of a Birch'

Construction of the 'Son of a Birch'.

So named because of two reasons; firstly it incorporates a fair bit of birch wood, secondly it was exasperating at times, and more than once I was moved to cursing. Fear not though, it all eventually worked.

Here is the first picture, attaching the chine logs, which I made a little thicker than they needed to be, and subsequently it was somewhat more difficult than it needed to be.

Here is the hull after going 3D, and already it looks like a sturdy little boat.

After it went 3D, i was gonna add a keel, and only remembered at the last minute that there was a width limitation on any keel or keel-like thing on the bottom of the boat. So I quickly cut the keel-to-be in half, and made 2 stringers instead.

Putting on the hardware before painting. You can also see the fiber-glassing, which might have been the most difficult part of it. Also, as soon as I put the fiberglass resin on, the weather turned, and it rained and was terribly humid for 3 days. it took a while to fully dry.

here it is after priming, painting, and adding the hardware back on.

A close-up of the rudder hardware. Getting any sort of proper rudder mounting gear seems to be impossible where I live, so I had to make do, but it seems to work exceedingly well, so I am pleased. And don't worry, I put the rest of the screws in, I just didn't know if I would have to remove the rudder for transport to the lake.

The boat is completed, on its happy handcart, which I made out of 2x4, old bike wheels, and pool noodles. It is going to live at the big lake nearby my town, but its storage is going to be a few hundred feet from the water, so this hand cart will be of great use.

Also, I put the mast in, which made me realize I had actually built my own boat. I may have shed one manly tear of joy.

It is going to have a balanced lug sail (which was being completed while i was taking these pictures, by my very helpful family)

Happy Boat!, The Son of a Birch!

More articles to come once I have put it in the water.

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