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A boat you build today, and go sailing in tomorrow, is a lot more fun than plans or dreams of something that may (or may not) happen "someday" in the future. So get building and lets go sailing !!

Event Size
28John Bridges #512
19David Whitworth and Pa #761
11Eric Comstock #759
10Tim Cleary #59
10Finlayson Family #677
Events Organized
18John Bridges #512
13Eric Comstock #759
6Al and Austin Ebersol #810
2Gordon Seiter #58
2Dave Sanborn #287
Associated Duckers
43John Bridges #512
18Alberni PDRacer Club #623
12Eric Comstock #759
11Gordon Seiter #58
9Tim Cleary #59

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About the Puddle Duck Racer (home page)
Videos of PDRacers
Member List
Contacting Duckers

Class Rules

How to cut the bow angle
Class Rule Explanations
How To Measure A PDRacer Hull
Trademark Restrictions

Register Your Hull

Support the club

Get a HIN Plate

Free PDRacer Boat Plans

Stuff To Get

Boat Building Books
Plywood Lumber Nails Glue
Oarlocks, Deckplates
Make DIY Boat Oars
Rudder Hardware
Sailboat Cleats and Blocks
Epoxy and Fiberglass
Tools for building
Tools to take sailing
Kit Boat Trailer
Duck Logo
HIN Plate For Your Duck

Hull Configurations

How to make a hull shorter than 18"
Design Your Duck
Board Boats (very short hull)
Cabin Overnight Cruiser
Cool Paint Jobs
Space Saving Hulls

Emergency Flotation

Basics Why Need Flotation
Worse Case Scenario
Recover From Capsize
Airboxes On The Ends
Airboxes On The Sides
Using Pool Noodles For Flotation
Calculate Size Air Boxes
Articles About Flotation

Leeboards, Daggerboards,
Centerboards Etc



Basic Unstayed Mast
Simple 2x4 Mast
Hollow Masts
Mast Breaking Experiment
Fiberglass Mast Sleeve
Luff Groove Mast Made With Router
Stayed Mast - design the rig
Stayed Mast - Make The Stays & Shrouds


3 Sided Sails
4 Sided Sails
Leg-o-mutton Sprit Sail
Other Common Sails
Unusual Sails
Sail Cloth & Alternate Materials
Sail Shaping & Lacing
Make Sail From Polytarp & Duct Tape
Make Sail From Polytarp & Sewing
How Calculate Sail Size
Sail Size Database

Sailboat Games

Tradition Of Homemade Trophies
Low Point Scoring System
Conventional Buoy Racing
Parent & Youth Racing
Pirate Poker Run
Waterworld Race
Raingutter Regatta
39 Other Sailboat Games
Online Mapping Tools

Sailing Tips

Make your duck go fast
Sailing Control problems

Storage & Care

Transporting Your Boat(s)

  Misc Class Related Articles

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History of the PDRacer
Hosting Events
Index Of Articles
PDRacer Design Considerations
Portsmouth Handicap Rating
Possible arms race (expensive ducks)
Survey To Measure PDRacer Hulls
The Adventures Of BucketEars
World Records


All Events
117 Days: PDR's join the MMHR in
104 Days: Regatta At Lake Arthur

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