PD 244 Scow

I've started my first PD Racer, using the free plans for the Scow 244 as a base. I took the hull lines directly from the PDRacer.com site, but plan to use the free Scow 244 plans as my inspiration. I've been obsessed with small ocean going boats, going so far as to start both a Micro 8 and Micro 10, but sanity got in my way. ;-) This little boat, kept off the oceans, should be fun, challenging, more affordable, and much quicker to build! Thanks to Shorty for the concept and class upkeep, as I think this is just a great idea. Seattle are PDers who are willing to sail with me next spring, please contact me! I run the site http://shantyboatliving.com and have actually finished a few boats, though not as many as I have started. Cheap, unusual, practical/pragmatic.. I love all that. Spreading the PD love... Bryan, Seattle.

Picture 1