Gorfnik Plans

I designed Gorfnik as a camping micro-cruiser, with a cabin and sail-from-inside feature. This design has met with a lot of success, 5 Gorfniks have been built so far with more in the process.

Gorfniks have successfully cruised across the Florida Everglades and the Harris chain of lakes, the Maine Fish river and Eagle chain of lakes, the Saguenay Fjord and many rivers and lakes throughout Québec. During our Florida trip, we slept in the boats for 35 nights, including 11 days without getting out of the Gorfniks while traversing the Everglades through the Nightmare passage.

Just this month, with different friends, I have cruised the St-Maurice river in flood, lake St-Germain, lake Kenogami, plus several outings on the Saguenay river. It is really a very fun boat to live out of, I actually cook while sailing! Two Gorfniks fit perfectly side-by-side on a standard snowmobile trailer.

The Gorfnik plans are available on the Free Plans page here at PDRacer.com

Thank you for the inspiration Shorty, hope you are well and I look forward to meeting you someday, and if possible even let you try my Gorfniks.

Have a great day Sir!

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