Sledding a PDRacer in the snow

top of the hill

John Nystrom, a crime scene technician for the Indiana State Police, and Andy Cougill, the curator of the Grissom Air Force Base Museum, joined me for a small hatch this weekend. Both John and Andy's hulls went 3-D by the time they left Sunday. Both of these new PDRacer/builders joined Dixie and me as house guests when the weather turned too bad for safe travel on Saturday night. The extra time allowed us to complete more of the finishing process than we might have otherwise.

sledding down the hill

In the attached photos, Andy's hull can be distinguished from John's by the keelson running down the centerline. Both will need hull numbers. Of course, we took some time out from the build on Sunday for a sled run down to the ice in PD 100 Lame Duck. Since I wasn't tool certain about whether the ice would support me, I took the precaution of having one of the crew hang on to a 50 ft. painter in order to drag me back to shore if help were needed.

2 puddle ducks in the back of a pickup

With the limited working space in the garage, I made the decision to leave completion of my second hull until a later time. I plan a radical sail plan and light weight for this design.

Best regards,

Dave Gray
PolySail International