ECDuck - The Build Continues 1

Hi Shorty,

The build is progressing well despite a hiatus to participate in (and win) Suncat Nationals. I am attaching two pictures to update you with. The extra plywood on the sole was glued down then all of the inside chines were fillet and taped. It will be a real strong boat! I glassed the sole but that will be all I plan on glassing on the inside of the boat. I built leeboard mounts on both the port and starboard side of the boat. The mounts consist of sleeves through which 3/4" threaded rods run preventing any leaks from filling up the side airboxes. I added deck reinforcement which I notched into the inside wall of the airtank. The reinforcement above the leeboards mount was also run out to the sides of the boat. Finally, I added reinforcement for the upper mast mount.

As you can see from the pictures, I have a roughed out opening large enough for a slam hatch I had laying around the shop. I know this is a fairly waterproof hatch having used it on Queequag's Coffin in the Florida 120 where it spent a lot of the time submerged. The hatch will give me access to the forward parts of the boat for building, repairs, and just to get that annoying thing that rolled forward and stuck. Also, the hatch opens facing forward so that I can use it to funnel air through the boat on a warm night. Not really needed for the EC but I do plan on using this boat in the summer!

This duck is coming out heavier than my previous two ducks which isn't a big surprise. The build is beefier with a double layer of plywood on the cockpit sole and higher sides. However, the main weight difference comes from using BC plywood rather than luan. Of course, I don't think a boat made from luan would actually make it whole to the end of the Everglades Challenge. I am still working on keeping the weight down overall which is why I am using a beam structure to support the deck rather than using thicker plywood.

I am debating adding access to the side airboxes. I have some 8" quarter turn deckplates I could install but then I would have to add some sort of divider so whatever I put in there won't slide beyond my reach. Besides, I do have a fair amount of room for bags in the main cockpit and can use monkey hammocks for accessing small stuff. The deckplates can leak and are sometimes hard to open or close. I really don't want to open them on the race course for safety reasons.

I will send more updates as the build progresses.