ECDuck - The Build Starts

Hi Shorty,

Just wanted to drop you a note and send you the picture of the ECDuck. I don't know what its official name will be yet so that is a temporary place holder. The sides are just stitched in place currently though I am hoping to tape them up with fiberglass tonight.

I also put the decks in place temporarily to get a feel for the dimensions of the boat. The cockpit is rather far back but that is generally the area I tend to sit when sailing Puddle Ducks. I also need to keep in mind that when I am inside the boat I will have my legs forward as opposed to when I am hiked out in my previous ducks. That picture of my sailing at Red Top regionals is also a good measure of where the cockpit should be when the winds are light. I plan on having my dunnage stored in waterproof bags I can slide forward and aft to help with trim.