Sara First Sail

Hey Shorty,

I want to thank you again for starting the PDRacer page. The first photo I saw of a PD was the one of you and your daughter sitting in it while sailing in the front yard. I wanted a small yet roomy boat to cruise in and it is perfect. I have had a blast racing and just cruising but the best time was this last weekend when I took my almost 3-year old daughter sailing for the first time. You can see a sail-by at YouTube. She had fun for about 5 minutes then focused all of her attention on a sandwich we brought along for the trip.

I did have several inquiries from interested dads and pushed them to the PDRacer page. One dad was a bit upset because his kids continued to ask why we had a boat and they didn't!

I just wanted to say thanks and congratulations on a great building and sailing experience.

Marc Blazer
"Bloody Splinter" # 173