Land Rudder - A dolly wheel for moving your boat on land

wheel attached to boat

I've been a Ducker for about 3 years. Im an Expat and I live in the Philippines and have loved sailing since my early 20s. Since I live on the beach on Pangangan Island in Bohol it makes sense to have a Duck. I built PDR #218, Muthaducker, 3 years ago and only just recently got my boat maidened. When I built her I didn't think about moving her around and I neglected to put handles on the boat and shes a bit heavy to manhandle by myself so I came up with a gadget to make it a bit easier.

simple gudgeon and pintle for pdracer rudder

Since I have built several small boats I have found that keeping things such as the rudder mount the same on all of them makes switching things around easy and various parts can be easily be adapted from one boat to the next.

The Land Rudder follows this reasoning and will work on any boat thats not too heavy. It will work on multiple boats if you use a universal rudder mount on your projects.

land rudder plan

It consists of a base plate (I used a piece of old center board that was handy cut to 12 x 12), with forks made from scrap 2 x 2 I had laying around, a wheel from a toy peddle car I picked up for 20 pesos ($0.45 USD) at the scrap yard in Cahayag, some 1 stainless steel pipe I flattened, bent and drilled for the mount its self , 3 stainless steel 3/8 bolts and nuts and several sheetrock screws for assembly. The axle is a piece of smooth re-bar left over from a building project.

The pictures show the unpainted project and assembly is pretty obvious. I used screws and bolts so it can easily be taken apart for repairs if and when needed.

land rudder dolly wheel

In use its so easy its silly. The rudder assembly is removed and the Land Rudder is installed in its place. If it takes you longer than 10 seconds youre loafing. I just pull the pin, remove the rudder assembly in one piece, line up the holes on the LR and re-insert the pin. Wallah!!! We are ready to move to the beach.(Dont forget to replace the rudder before launch...)

gudgeon and pintle land rudder attachment

When I had my Featherwind I used to get the neighbors to help. It usually cost me a gallon of Tuba (Rice Wine) and a couple of bottles of Coke. This works fine and its a lot cheaper. Yep. Im a Tightwad!

If you want to try this and have any questions you can contact me through the pdracer member list.

Clear skies and fair winds to all.
Steve. AKA: Cybernaught