Green Machine Rowing Seat and Take Apart Oars

Building this boat has been a lot of fun, I've been able to express myself in a lot of ways. for example, I figured I might be rowing, before I got out of the sheltered water, so I made the oars in two pieces out of pvc pipe closet poles an 1/4" ply for the blades. The oars are 7 1/2' long and break down to two pieces 3 1/2' and 4'0". I used 1-3/8" pvc pipe for the shafts.The oar holders do a good job of holding the oars in place,

They snap in place into the pieces of pvc circles with about 2" cut out and mounted to the 1/4" ply bracket. When assembled, the oars are held together by a 1/8" hinge pin and a wire clevis.

The rowing seat is sized to hold one six pack of coke and will hold ice. I can mode the seat upand back 1 ft. to permit different leg lengths. there are 4- 3/4" dowel stubs that fit into the 1x2's running across the bottom, they are are glued and screwed to the bottom and I hope that they will help prevent oil canning. The rowing seat or "Ditty Box" was lifted from one of Jim Michalak's articles.

The thole pins or oar locks are mounted on a piece of hard pine with a bushing for the bolt, I got this from an article by Rob Rohde Szudy.