The Most Unusual Use of a PDRacer

Since the PDRacer is basically a big plywood box, there have been MANY alternate uses suggested. Roof for a kid's playhouse, pickup truck cap, sandbox etc. Bit on the morbid side, Shorty plans to be buried in his. One PDRacer (so far) has even been built with shelf brackets so that most of the time it is stored standing upright in the garage, with the shelves installed and all sorts of stuff in it.

You can never say you have heard it all, because by nature, puddle duckers are continually thinking outside of the box and innovating new solutions. I have a bit of a repetitive stress from using the mouse, and just happened to have a scale model of my PDRacer at work. He flipped it upside down, and it works perfect as a wrist support.

Carpal tunnel victims everywhere may soon be building PDRacers. :)