Sailing Texas City Dike on Fathers Day

Here are a couple of my photos of the same event - it was a perfect way to spend a good chunk of Fathers' Day! It was also a good place for families and pets to enjoy. Predictably, with so many people around, the PDR aroused interest, and Eric gave his "spiel" to curious onlookers...

My daughter Sofia (8) came in the Bug on our second (longer) voyage - her first time sailing on salt water. Being used to the small and very narrow lake behind our house, she was a bit taken aback by the limitless expanses of open water around her! So she declined to take the tiller on this occasion (she normally does spend a bit of time at the helm). None the less, Texas City Dike would be a much better place than a local lake for a novice helmsman to learn, due to the steady wind - and no nearby lakeshore to crash into. The only new potential hazard on Sunday was other sailing dinghies, going at considerable speed. A Hobie Wave, a Sunfish and a Laser were out, and several times came close enough for me to have to remember who gives way to who on the open sea! (Luckily I also managed to avoid crashing into Eric, which would have been somewhat embarrassing...)