No First Cut Fever Here


It has begun! See the attached photos. The ... [secret stuff] ... will challenging, but that's what makes life worth living. All in all, it should prove to be an enjoyable experiment.

Thank you.

I've never heard a woodworker complain about having too many clamps! :)

Attached is a photo using a Kreg Rip-Cut to saw timbers for the Duck; I decided to try it this way because I didn't want to move a lot of other equipment in my shop (2 car garage) to give the clearance for my table saw to rip 10' lengths (it would require more than 10' of clearance on either side of the table saw to rip safely) . I cut the timbers from a 1x10x10 13/16" wide, and I will put them through the planer before cutting them to final size. Although quite a bit slower than ripping on the table saw, the Kreg is quite accurate, and did a respectable job. For builders that don't have a large table saw, this is a method that will achieve a better result than trying to run them through a contractor table saw (very short tables).

Thank you and have a great evening.