First Launch and Testing Fusion Plastic Spray Paint

We finally let one of our boat out into the wild, We had a blast, Just wish we had a tad bit more wind. I sent along some pics for your enjoyment.

Also, I did do the test on the Fusion plastic spray paint by Krylon. Unfortunately I lost the photos some how?? Anyway I was impressed with the product and the results. I sprayed three different poly tarps (two blue,one green) All the tarps were hung vertically out in the weather, all at different compass readings, East,South and West. Each was subject to wind, rain snow, hail and sun.

I started the test on January 16th 2012, I sprayed the test tarps in place and the temp was 46 degrees, yes 46 degrees. The size of the area painted was roughly 10"x14" one coat was used with good coverage. I ended the test July 3rd 2012, I needed the room that the tarps covered.

The results were this, the paint held up perfectly, there was just one small spot the size of sesame seed that had popped off, I think it was just a piece of the poly fiber itself that let go. So I would definitely recommend this paint for use on poly tarps. I hope this helps.

Just a side note, our PDRacer were not built to the OZ plans, we used your measurement chart for the hull and a top view of a OZ PDRacer to get the look. I do like the way these racers look, but if I was to do it again I would go with the side air boxes and the kick up boards. More room.