DIY Waterproof Cell Phone Case

diy cell phone case

This is my NEW waterproof, dust proof floating cell phone case that will hold keys and other stuff. Heavy keys give it ballast so it will float upright. The container is a Fat Free Miracle Whip jar. The one wide red cap for easier visibility!

After using this, I forgot all of my expensive waterproof cases of various sorts that I have invested in and had to make do while sailing some North Carolina lakes. You know whut? IT works real good! ...and they come in several sizes. too Axe yo grocer fer the mayonaise and ketchup isle too!...and you can soon and shorely have a fine water proof case like mine!

I find a lot of uses for those red lidded jars and must have 20 or more. I use the larger 40 oz. Jiffy Peanut Butter jars I get at Costco to keep my line and other things in like eye bolts, etc. in, such as 50 to 100 feet of line in the 1/4" diam range or smaller, and or miscellaneous odds and ends. That way it stays clean and dry, and basically tangle free. Just open the jar, take out what you need, cut and seal, then screw the lid back on. I also have a partial roll of brightly colored electrical tape with nylon line for a quick seal. Wrap a couple of times then cut in the middle of the tape with your rigging knife, and it's temporarily sealed on each end. So when the wind is blowing this tape method is the best option, and with the PDRs...we DO want some wind! Just a fun thing I do that I feel is practical.

And I have used the 40 ounce size that I use for the rope to hold lake maps that are not waterproof. The kind the state parks, etc. give to you, copies, etc. Just put the map in the jar so it can be read through the clear side. But for a big navigational chart for those long extended voyages, I would want a gallon size of Miracal Whip! If they make one with a red lid that big! Gotta have that red lid for low light visibility you know! I just don't think I can eat that many samiches!

diy cell phone case's my first mate Monkey.

diy cell phone case

He won the Sexiest Pirate Contest at a local dog supplier and grooming business last Halloween.

Happy sailing...
Richard, and Monkey (First Mate)