Sailboat Dolly For A PDRacer 2

I made a modification to my dolly a while back and this enables it to carry the boat upright over the roughest terrain. It works very well.

The adapter slips over the 2x4 axle support, and is met by another 2x4 inside the adapter. Notice the screws are higher going a cross. The wide board on the side is just there as I didn't have time to set the saw up and rip it to a 1x2. I'll do that today. I'm changing the old rotten carpet and putting some new carpet on today, but just on the top of the axle support, and top and sides of the axle supports that extend fore and aft to keep it from spinning or turning upside down. The 1/4" line is fastened underneath and stapled to immobilize it in the center and is about 9 ot 10 feet long. The rear line runs up and thru the lower gudgeon and then a slip knot is tied.

The front line is pulled taught and tied the same with a slip knot thru the bow ring and with a stopper knot in the end, makes a nice loop handle to pull the boat around. With slip knots it is very easy to perfectly balance the boat with the dolly in the center...then you can pull all your junk inside and head to the shoreline. I undo the rear knot first and the dolly slips forward as the stern settles into the water. Anyway...I works great for me.

Have a good one.

[ There are some lawn mower wheels shown on the Transporting Your PDRacer page ]