Project - Our Dream Is To Sail

Here's a start for the music department. I put up "Our Dream Is To Sail", a pdracer campfire song, as a project. It needs work, it needs a singer, chorus, accompaniment, etc, etc. is free to join, collaborators on a song project can upload mp3 audio files and make comments about audio files. The project director puts the song together using the collaborators' input.

The song project can be found by going to and searching for PDRacerLocalFleet.

There are 3 audio tracks now: a rhythm track, a crude digital vocal track, and a mix track of the song. Also, there's a song measure chart in the project's discussion section. Help on this pdracer campfire song that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

The PDRacer local fleet music department at kompoz can also have additional projects on it as well, so it's a place to add any puddle duck-related song ideas that someone might have.