GEDEON - A Revolution Begins

We are proud to present Gedeon, the very first PDRacer to grace the lands of France!

As sailors around the world know, the French have been avid sailors and in the forefront of extreme sailing capturing many accolades. Off the top of my head are a few: Hydroptere was the first sailboat to break the 50 knot speed, the previous record was held be a French sailboarder, I can't remember his name but there was the French guy who drove a jetski across the Atlantic, there was the one who walked across the atlantic on a pair of floating ski-like shoes, and MANY other similar extreme watersport adventurers.

So in broken english (attempting to use Google Translator), today I received the first hull registration from Charles Herfray of France. I am very excited that PDRacers have reached a land of innovative sailors, and excited about the prospects of what is to come.

-- Shorty