First Annual Port Alberni Regatta

Hi Shorty,

The first Annual Alberni Puddle Duck Regatta was a huge success. We had 17 boats in the harbor for the event - in a town where there were no ducks at all until February this year. I hope that these pictures give you a flavor of the day. You will see that we had very little wind! Good thing the PDRacer is so easily moved in almost no wind. We managed two races before the heat and calm conditions combined to cut the event short by an hour. There was a crowd of several hundred watching from the pier and shoreline. We have been told that our crowd was the largest of the day's centennial events.

The event was won by the Miller family team in "Kind of Blue", second place went to Alexander Miller (no relation) and Peter Ferguson in the "Red Baron", third place was Edwin Knight in "Canada A".

All entries were from boats built in town - most at our two hatches. Four out of town boats from elsewhere on the Island were not completed in time for the race. We are hoping to see some of them at our next event at Harbor Days on August 18th.


Race Results:
Boat # Owner Regatta Skipper Regatta Crew Final Place
678 Miller Family Barry Miller Nathan and Matt Miller 1
680 Alexander Miller/Peter Ferguson Alexander Miller/Peter Ferguson Peter Ferguson/Alexander Miller 2
636 Rick Bonell Edwin Knight Jacob Salvage 3
652 Sea Cadets David Prestage None 4
674 Navy League David Luckett Katie Luckett 4
679 Amanda Salvage Amanda Salvage Jessica Salvage 6
649 Sea Cadets David Cox None 7
623 David Whitworth David Whitworth Cindy Solda 8
702 Sea Cadets Steve Prestage Kennedy 9
673 Sea Cadets Louis Charland ?? 10
651 Sea Cadets Dave Zyrd Joshua Zyrd 11
677 Finlayson Family Chris Finlayson Calvin Finlayson 11
645 Kenn Whiteman Kenn Whiteman Gracie Craig 13
648 Trina Cote Paul McDougal Trina Cote 13
650 Bob Sparrow Ed Fougner ?? 13
675 Sea Cadets Mik Mann ?? 13
676 Carolyn Ness Carolyn Ness David Ness 13