Puddle Jumper

Hello Puddle Duck Fans!

My name is Roy and 1 year ago this month my sons, father and I started building our Puddle Duck. Number 634 aka "Puddle Jumper"; named after the small ships in the StarGate Atlantis series that our sons and daughter enjoy watching. I noticed that there were not a lot of videos showing the PDRs with kids sailing them so I wanted to share this one.

Building and sailing our PDR has been an incredible way of spending quality time teaching, learning and playing with my kids. We're building so many good memories together. Anyway, that's why I decided to make a video of my son Wesley sailing in hopes of showing how easy they are to sail and to inspire other parents to get out there with their kids. It's awesome fun. My kids are Wesley (9), Evynn (7) and Ethan (6) and they love it.

In the video we had 6 mph winds. So it was a lite day but good for learning.

I plan to do another video soon showing the build. The kids enjoyed helping there too once I decided that it didn't matter if the paint was perfect or the caulk lines were just so. They are learning how to work and having fun and that's what I was really after anyhow.

Enjoy and come sail with us! [Houston Fleet Info] Second Saturday every month here in Houston TX!