Capsizing PDRacer #646 on leeboard side

Today I talked Nick(hull #705) into going practice capsizing on Lake Conroe at the free launch on FM 830. This road dead ends at the lake and has a sandy area for set up. My kids swam in this area.

When me and Nick got to the dock the wind was minimal, so we got the boats in the water and preceded to capsize. Nick went first and capsized both sides but did not go deep in the water. I told him it is different and that he cheated because he can still touch the bottom.

I went next. I know I have already put out a video but I had not capsized on the side with the leeboard side in the water. This capsize I started out in the boat and wanted to make sure I can get back in the boat. I started pretty easy capsizing but had to turn the boat so Nick can video me. I tried just sitting on my leeboard because I was afraid to break it. First try, the boat slipped and fell back. Second try, tried sitting on my leeboard again but grabbed the top of the boat and that did the trick. One note. When leeboard is in the water, watch out for the boat when it comes over. Finally flipped over and now to get in the boat. This took a few trys because I did not have my life vest and I was getting tired. My trick is to get up as far as possible then roll over into the boat like swamp people roll alligators into the boat.

Rope ladder would help to get back in the boat. This is a good video of how to make rope ladder I found on youtube. You can also loop rope ladder around mast.

We tried sailing after we finished capsizing but it didn't work. Just not enough constant wind. But here is a link to the path. Sailed about a mile. GPS said .92 of mile. We averaged 1 MPH.