Allons Canard Sailing Lake Woodlands

Was working on disaster recover this weekend. I left the sail at home and took the oars out to Lake Woodlands for a stroll around the lake. I travel 1.54 miles and max speed was 2.8 mph. I had a couple issues that I needed to get resolved with the oars so I packed it up and went home which is only 4 miles. Worked all the kinks out and I was back on the water at 5pm..The park was packed on a Sunday afternoon because it was concert in the park Sunday.

I traveled 1.48 miles and max speed was 3.2 mph per the GPS. But, I'm starting to think my GPS is giving me the best conditions. Its a Garmin Etrex Venture Hc. Its my hunting GPS but works great on the water.

Anyway, getting ready for the Texas 20 next weekend and wanted to be prepared for anything.

Below is a link to my 2nd rowing track. Get on the water!,-95.47344&spn=0.012373,0.026157

Allons Canard : CajunMan