My Crooked Tiller

My crooked /bent tiller design. I ripped 2” wide strips of 5mm Luann at 2 ½ foot each. Cut 7 pieces out.  After cutting the pieces, I took an old piece of plywood and drew my shape with a pencil. Cut some small pieces of 2x4 so that I can screw them to the plywood at certain sections in order to clamp on. See blocks of wood below.

Glued the one side with wood glue and put them all together. Best I could laid, them on the plywood (they are all still straight). The boards will be clamped loosely on the ends first then from the middle out so that the boards can move on the ends.  You will have to cut off the ends since they make like a stair effect once you start curving them so you need a couple inches extra on each end as waste.  Let the glue dry a few days and shape with a skillsaw.

Problem:  The whole I drilled caused the boards to separate.  I don’t think this was a glue issue but more of a 5mm Luan issue.  I decided to fix by gluing some more luan and turning it up and down so that the full luan is facing sideways see pic. Guess you can also glass the end but I have never fiber glassed so this was my fix.

The curve in the hand was just cut by a jigsaw.  I just took away what I thought was enough to make handle.  How do you like the paracord standing up on a shackle?