Sailing on Lake Woodlands


The weather was awesome today with a north wind blowing right down Lake Woodlands. It wasn't hot, just perfect. I was there at 4pm and stayed till dark. I sailed 7.31 miles with a max speed of 5.9 mph with avg of 1.9 mph.Total time sailing was 4 hours.

It was a great day for sailing. I can't wait till it cools down and we can bear sailing. This heat is not always the funnest to be in. But being a Salty dog that I'am, I love being on the water.

Oh an I have a card to prove my Salt from King Neptunist Rex Keeper of the deep and Davey Jones. Crossing the equater when I was in the Navy at 141.2 longitude and 0 Latitude. I was a slimy Polywog and became a Shellback.......,-95.479892&spn=0.024749,0.052314

CajunMan #646