Combo Sailing And Fishing

combo fishing and sailing pdracer


After a long winter hiatus, Puddle Duck #685, named PDQ, is getting very close to launch. I'll probably go ahead and launch before making up the mast, sail, and rudder. Made the oars today. Still have to put skids strips on the bottom and paint. I have a wild paint job in mind.

You'll note the hole in the bow deck for the mast- the round holes on the sides are for cup holders (party boat), the square side holes are for a Bimini top to protect me from the Texas sun when I'm fishing. The 1x4 disappearing off the right side of the photo supports a removable floor which has a swivel pedestal boat seat attached- again for fishing. And I'll probably build a bench seat for the grandkids when we're sailing. Oh, and since the area lakes have a lot of rocks, and just in case the 1/4 inch plywood sides of the air tanks got a hole punched in them (no matter how unlikely that is) I filled the side boxes with 2L soda bottles, all capped and glued in using Great Stuff aerosol foam.

It's been a real joy to have the basic plan, but engineer the rest as I build, especially in making it a dual-purpose boat: sailboat and one-man mini bass boat.

Larry Morrison
Burnet, Texas