First Time Sailing

Saturday evening we scooted down to Soquel Creek and threw Jemima in the water again. This time I took an easier route down by Stockton Bridge and just chucked her in the water. A lady and her four-year-old son were watching us with some considerable interest, so we invited them to join us as we rowed around. That made three adults, to children, and a dog in our little barge, which only made for more comments and waving from spectators, as well as beverage offers from the restaurants this time! If the Shadowbrook Restaurant would just put in a little dock, I could make some money running a little water taxi between there and the Esplanade!

Then, finally, on Sunday afternoon there was some wind and we got the boat out on Schwan Lagoon with all the parts and pieces assembled simultaneously for the very first time! That alone was pretty awesome. Set up time for Jemima seems to be a fraction of the time involved with prepping her for transport, due to the simplicity of the leg-o-mutton sprit sail rig and the unstayed mast. My parents happened to drive by as we were setting up by the side of the road at Twin Lakes Beach and were able to take some photos and video, which was really fortunate.

We set out with everyone in his or her lifejacket (even Buddy) and caught the best gust of the evening out into the lagoon, which was fortunately preserved for prosperity in video format.

What worked - pretty much all the important parts...

Imminent Modifications -

That's really all I can think of. I can't wait to go out again!

- Tyson