Latest Progress

Latest progress -

So I had purchased 1 quart of Cover Stain Primer and 1 Quart of white gloss Rustoleum oil based enamel. Per someone's recommendation (Ken Simpson?) I put on two coats of primer (the quart turned out to be just barely enough for the bottom and sides) and 1 coat of enamel (I have maybe a quarter of that left). I put the primer on the night before last, and the top coat of oil paint on yesterday morning, and when I got home last night the coat of oil paint looked good - slick and hard, but not quite hard enough to sand and touch up with the little bit of paint I have left.

I had been considering making some temporary foils out of some scraps I had laying around in the weather (actually a couple of dining room table leafs), but on further inspection they were too warped for my tastes, and I just can't ever seem to bring myself to say "close enough," so I took the 15/32 ply sheet I'd bought for making the foils, figured the dimensions I'd need, cut the pieces for the blanks and then laminated them together with epoxy. Then I used some drywall screws to clamp them overnight. This morning I took out the screws. I'll probably want to fill in those screw holes with epoxy or something. I still have to shape the blanks and then cover them with some kind of waterproofing. I have enough plywood left for the rudder box, as well as two simple gudgeon pieces from an old Hobie Cat and an aluminum dowel. Those pieces, along with a piece of aluminum angle "iron" I will use to fit out the rudder assembly.

The only other thing I was able to do this morning is coat the two 1 1/4" rounds I intend to use for an oar and my tiller handle with Thompsons water sealer. But I was very happy to note that the condensation that began to rain down from the bottom of the aluminum awning that's sheltering the hull was beading up on Jemima's oil paint covered surface, convincing me that I had made the right decision to push forward with painting the hull. Otherwise, I would have been very distressed about trapping moisture under the paint if I was putting it on now.