Boat Building Class - January 2013

In January 2013 over two consecutive weekends the 12,13 and 19,20 at the Florida Maritime Museum in Cortez, Florida; a bit south of Tampa. The class is priced per boat with up to 5 builders per boat and all proceeds stay at the museum and help build up the family and community boatbuilding program. The goal is to get families and friends to work together to build one in our class and learn enough to go home and build more.

We will furnish precut parts and guide folks through the build process from a bunch of pieces to a finished Puddle Duck. Because of the warm shallow waters typical here these are "board boats" about a foot high with full length air boxes down the side. In the class we will also assemble and rig 40 square foot Leg O Mutton poly tarp sails for them. They will be built with a single leeboard and a kick up rudder. All hulls will include an official Puddle Duck HIN plate.

For more information please contact:
John Beale
Education and Volunteer Coordinator
Florida Maritime Museum