Update From Cortez - PDR On Display

Hi Shorty,

A few pictures of Shore Enough inside the museum with the final paint, still need to add name and numbers and hull plate. Good thing we have a tall ceiling, we actually had to tip the hull to get enough room to step the mast, in place it clears by about 6 inches.

You’ll also notice the museum logo is on the deck with a slight tweak of the silhouette to suit the boat. We also have established a fleet signifier for our local boats, you can just make it out at the top of the mast, a band of color at the top 7 inches wide a 1 inch wide band of no color and a 2 inch wide color band, the reason being 2”7” to 27 and Cortez….is located at 27 Degrees Latitude.

One of the things we do for folks that sign up for the class with us, is send them a paper puddle duck a 1/12th scale model of what they will build with the class, designed to be printed on cardstock. Each sheet has our logo in the corner and our sail has our logo on the middle of it.

[the paper duck is available on John's local fleet page]

The other nice thing about 1 inch equals 1 foot seeing what other rigs would look like it’s easy to draw them to scale and for kids it happens to be the same scale as most action figures. It assembles with glue and tabs but it goes together the same way our big one does.

John Beale