Buffalo Run Park Course

[copy of message to houston fleet]
Hello everyone ,

Please take a moment to look at the attached Ariel view of Buffalo Run Park. There are several points of interest.

The main entrance to the park is on the West end of the lake and wraps around to the North where you will find the trailer parking, boat ramp and adjacent pier. The second, larger "T Head" pier is on the North West side.

The 3 story observation tower is in the Eastern section of the lake, but you have to pass under a bridge with about 10' of clearance to get there. The top of the tower will be an excellent vantage point from which to take pictures of boats on the downwind leg of the course (buoy #3 to buoy #1). It is also a nice place to enjoy a picnic, but you will want to bring some folding chairs. The picture on of PDRacer fleet page was taken from here.

The lake also hat two smaller sections to the North. With the prevailing winds it can be very difficult to get back out, if you go in there when the wind is blowing hard.

I have circled the three buoys in yellow. With the prevailing SE wind, I would expect our races to follow a counter clockwise course around the buoys, starting near the boat ramp (#1). We could start/finish at the west end (#2) if starting near the boat ramp presents too much of a crowding issue.

For "Pirate Poker" I recommend that we have to go around buoy #2 between stops at the piers to get cards. Details on playing "Pirate Poker" are here: http://pdracer.com/sailboat-games/pirate-poker-race/

The only thing to watch out for at Buffalo Run is the shallow part that runs across the lake from North to South, East of the boat ramp. The part near the boat ramp can get VERY shallow. But the southern half generally has several feet of water. If you have a deep dagger board,or do not have a kick up rudder, you will want to familiarize your self with that portion of the lake,

I expect to have a 5 person Peddle/Paddle boat in addition to my PDR, so even if you don't have your boat ready, come on out and bring your family. We are going to have a lot of fun.

One final note, make sure to bring your life jackets. No one who is not wearing a life jacket (child or adult) will be allowed on any of my boats and I recommend that everyone regardless of age wear theirs while on the water. Lets keep it safe AND fun.