Final Miles for 2013

Hi Shorty,

I have a final mileage update for 2013.

11-20-2013 3.1 miles Buffalo Run Park
12-14-2013 2.6 miles Buffalo Run Park

I'm still a few miles short of my goal, but not bad since I didn't really keep track for the first 8 months this year.

When I went out on 12-14 I was trying out some new modifications to add more body to my sail. The wind was blowing out of the North @ 20 gusting to 30. When the wind blew my boat off the trailer while backing it in I probably should have taken the hint. The damage was minor so I put it back on the trailer and finished launching it. Once out on the water I spent most of the time caught in irons, almost capsizing or occasionally blasting along at 5MPH. The sail had WAY too much body. I called it a day early.

I was going to go out a couple of days ago, there was not much wind and it was only 50 degrees, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I went out and found that I had a flat tire on my trailer. I aired it up and it was leaking badly from the bead. When I put on my spare I noticed that the bearings felt like they were full of gravel. So I decided not to go. The trailer is fixed and I have a new sail to try, so I'll be out there again any day now...