First Sail Of The Year

I went for my first sail of the year yesterday out at BRP. I was trying out a new sail made from the first of a couple of white tarps that I bought myself for Christmas. I tried using some edge shaping so that this sail would not be as flat as my original. I did not put any darts into it. Once hoisted, I could see that the shape was a little better, but I think that, with a little tweaking of the zip ties that hold it on, I can make it even better.

The wind was forecast to be out of the South at 10-20, temps in the upper 60's. Enough of that arrived at BRP to make for some pretty fun sailing. I only had a little over an hour before it got dark. I managed to get caught in irons pretty badly a couple of time (near a lee shore of course) but over all the sail performed well. It is about 55 or 60 square feet.

3.16 miles
4.9 MPH max speed
1:12 minutes on the water

I sure am happy not to live in the frozen North.