Free Bird Spreads Her Wings

Hi Shorty,

I have attached a picture of my most recent PDR, "Free Bird". This is the one which will be given away, for free, to some lucky person at Worlds this weekend (right after I sail her in the race). I will have 2 or three different sail rigs to choose from, depending on conditions. The one pictured is a Leg-of_Mutton, but if used, I would remove the "Goose Neck" and replace it with a "Snotter".

The boat is sitting on a trailer that I am in the process of modifying to hold two PDR's (1 over, 1 under). You can also see my "Jet Ski" cart, which I now also use for PDR's and finally #759 under a tarp on her modifier Jet ski trailer.

I was hoping to have the first picture be one of "Free Bird" under sail, but time is running short and I need a hull number, so here it is.

"Free Bird" is about 1/2 the weight of #759. Was built for just under $150 and has taken about 24 hours work (over a month) to build. I expect to do a lot of sailing in her over the next several days, before I set her free.

I'll finish a very detailed write up of the building of "Free Bird" once Worlds is over and I have some free time.

I would also like to thank David W. for his assistance in the building of "Free Bird".

Eric C.
Hosts of Worlds 2014