Miles Updated Sept 2014

Hi Shorty,

It has been a while so I thought I would send you an update on my annual mileage. There were a few other times that I went out...but I didn't record my mileage on those days.

4-16-2014 3.45 Miles BRP
4-19-2014 2.13 Miles BRP
4-20-2014 3.41 Miles TCD
4-26-2014 2.17 Miles TCD
5-10-2014 3.2 Miles BRP
6-21-2014 1.4 Miles BRP
9-13-2014 4.3 Miles Lake Woodlands

Now that the weather has started to cool off, I expect my mileage will really pick up.

Eric C.
Hosts of Worlds 2014