Today's Sail Had It All

Today's sail had it all. Dead calm, 25 mph gusts, a little rain some thunder...all in all it was an interesting day.

I got out to Buffalo Run Park a little after !:00 and it was still dead calm. No one else was there, so I took my son and we headed out to have lunch. We finished lunch and were back about 2:00. The wind was starting to pick up, so I got the boat ready to go. Just as I was heading back to the truck to put the boat in the water... BOOOOOOM ... some really loud thunder. I didn't see the lightning, but the idea of being out on the water with my 15' carbon fiber lightning rod didn't really appeal to me very much. I decided to wait 15 minutes and see if there was any more thunder. There was...but not a lot. Then the winds started to pick up and get REALLY gusty. We even got a little rain. I put one strap back on the boat to keep it from getting blown off of the trailer.

Finally the thunder stopped and THAT storm passed to the East. I decided to put the boat in at about 3:00. We got in and had a nice sail, going across the lake the long way 3 or 4 times with the wind out of the South from 5 to 12.. But then a little after 4:00 another storm was coming by to the West with more thunder. So we got out of the water, loaded up and headed for home.