Annual Miles Challenge PDR-775

Where did my summer vacation go? After building PDR-775 last winter, my daughter & son in-law liked it so much they ask for one. So I set out to make plans for getting one there (Cadillac MI. )

I decided while we were visiting them to bring mine along with their boat already cut out but not assembled . The idea was to have my two grandsons (5yr & 10Yr) help me screw the boat together and let them pick out the colors and paint the boat Along with being able to go sailing with mine.

It didn’t take long ( 3 days) when we had their boat PDR-809 ready for paint and by that time we had already Been out on Cadillac lake sailing PDR-775, “Ruddy Duck” I would let them work the rudder and I would handle the sail. And we went all over the lake, there was mostly always a steady south wind of 7-12mph which made it great to sail with the kids, Final PDR-809 “In A Row” was ready for the water and my son in-law and I took it out for its maiden voyage,. And the next night was the grandkids turn, I had such a blast building these with them I hated to leave and come back Home, (Kansas)

For the Annual miles challenge
We sailed 2.15 miles on Cadillac lake, Mi.
And .91 at Santa Fa Lake, Ks
And I’m not done yet there are still more summer evening to enjoy the sunsets on the water,

Steve C.
Augusta, ks,