Sailing Santa Fe Lake, KS 2

I hope everybody was able to get outside and enjoy Labor day. It was a beautiful day here in KS. Temps in the 80ís and 5 to 15 mph winds from the North. I got up did some chores around the house, than off to the Lake by noon. I was able sail all the way to the west end of the lake before my wife call and ask if I would take her Out, so we meet up at the dock and we did another run, zig and zaging our way back up to the west end of the lake.

We were able to get 4.89 miles in today. The wind was up and down all afternoon. Its at these moments that the wife and I find the time To talk and enjoy each other company, Iím lucky to have her with me, : )

Steve & Kate.

For the Annual miles challenge, here are my current totals:
0.91 at Santa Fa Lake, Ks
2.15 miles on Cadillac lake, Mi.
2.3 miles at Santa Fe Lake, Ks
4.89 miles at Santa Fe Lake, Ks 2