Sailing Santa Fe Lake, KS

For July, the weather has been unbelievably great, we should be hitting the 1oos by now but instead Sat (7/27/13) was going to be in the 80s and with all 5 grandkids with us this weekend, we decided to go swimming / sailing The wife and I thought lets get about an hour or two in and let the kids swim and run off some energy. Once I got the boat in the water the kids took turns with me sailing /rowing around the lake, The wind was very light and at times I had to row to go anywhere, but we has fun,

It was a Great weekend,
Steve C.
Augusta, ks

For the Annual miles challenge, here are my current totals:
0.91 at Santa Fa Lake, Ks
2.15 miles on Cadillac lake, Mi.
2.3 miles at Santa Fe Lake, Ks