CDX Sub-Class PDRacer

Hello Shorty,

She is definitely 3D now. Perhaps a new sub-class, she’s a CDX Racer. . .did a demolition job for m’lady and ended up with 3 pretty good sheets of 3/8” CDX and a nice little stack of 45” 2x4’s. Besides that there were some odd pieces of 1x6 and 1x8 left over from some shelving and some small pieces of mixed lumber. . .Looked like there might be a boat in there somewhere, but I didn’t want to get too carried away. Anyway, her name will be “Scrappy” when I get around to figuring out how to write with a paintbrush. Her rig is typical (right down to the blue tarp) of small woven bamboo basket boats from the central Vietnamese coast. She gets her eyes from Viet Nam too, though not from the same basket boats. . .these eyes would be right for a peapod working out of Hoi An. (If curious, drop in at

Thank you for a great time. . .most fun I’ve had in a while, and I haven’t even gotten her wet yet.