Sailing Friedenau Dam - Windhoek Namibia

Hi Shorty,

Here she is, Duck of York on Friedenau Dam, about 45km east of Windhoek, with my youngest boy Jan. It is currently the rainy season in Namibia and we had some light rain. The countryside is not usually that green. The boat handles very well and I am generally pleased by the materials chosen. However, as you can see, the sail already has holes from the transport over the gravel roads and it seems I will have to switch to tarp. Also, the tiller needs some strengthening. As I have never sailed before, I did not realize how much force is exerted on the rudder, particularly the tiller. And, importantly, I had no leaks.

Had lots of fun today, but time was a little short, as we only went to Friedenau in the afternoon, so I am planning my next outing, this time, to a larger dam.

Will send you a building report soon.